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The online course about feeding your kids that you never knew existed - now it does. This self-paced course gives you simple, practical advice on what to feed your kids and little tricks to make meal times easier, calmer and less crazy!

No more worrying about *how much* the kids have eaten before bed time.

How does this sound?

Feeling confident you know what to serve your kids at every meal time.



kids nutrition online course:

Enjoy calmer, more relaxed meal times with kids who stay at the table.


More mental space for other life admin - because there's so much more!


Sleeping well knowing you've helped them build a positive food mindset.


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I created this course because if I'm a Nutritionist and I find it this hard to feed my kids - how are all the other parents coping?! I know all the tips and tricks, and sometimes they don't even work. It's never going to be perfect, but I promise you it can be easier.

I'm a Nutritionist and feeding my kids is one of the hardest things I do.

I'm a realistic nutritionist, so the Content in this course is short for parents who are running (everywhere).

guess what...

lets get started

I'll take you through a mindset to adopt when feeding your kids. You haven't done anything wrong that's led to this point. Your kids have learnt to assert their independence, and this is great for them, but makes our meal times a battle! This mindset helps you shift from worry to confidence.

Knowing what to feed your kids can be hard. The crux of this program takes you through my plate guides for kids ages 1-5 years old and how you can navigate what to put on their plate for every meal and every snack.

Here's What You'll Learn

It's not you.

What to feed them. 



These early years start to shape how our kids think and feel about food. Throughout the course, I'll guide you through things we do as parents that negatively impact on their relationship with food, and the things we can do to foster a positive relationship with food for our kids.

Food relationship.


Having a child who is a fussy eater is a more common occurrence than you might think, and it's actually entirely normal - even though it drives us mad! I'll take you through some strategies to help, affirm that it's OK and red flags to watch out for.

Fussy eaters.



I’m offering a bonus 20 minute 1:1 online session with me when you enrol in the course. We’ll use this 1:1 session to give you simple, practical advice on what to feed your kids and help you shift from worry to confidence. 

Free 20 minute 1:1 online session with me.


go at your own pace

 ideas only

bonus 1:1 20 minute session with me

short, east content

Short, easy content...

In the short window of time you have between when your kids go to bed and then when you do, the last thing you want to do is watch an online course, right? I know I'd rather binge Real Housewives. I know how precious that time is for our sanity as parents, so videos in this course are 6 minutes or less, so you could binge the course in one night and get back to Real Housewives the next!

 Simple handouts are provided that you can stick to the fridge and keep on your phone will help you in the day-to-day chaos.

being a parent can be overwhelming, this course won't be adding to that.

it's not a medical degree

"No, you can not have a cupcake for breakfast."


Feel confident in what you feed your kids for every meal and snack (because there's a lot of them!)

Be as cool as a cucumber when the kids do (or don't) eat what's on their plate at dinner time

Know what to say (and what to do) when your kids ask for the 100th snack before dinner

Have easier, relaxing meal times because you've set up the right environment for your kids

Have recipes on hand so you're not constantly worrying what's for dinner

Plan some fun things that you know will foster a healthy food mindset

After this course, you will...

ENROL NOW for $49

This      for you if:

you're over stressful meal times

You are still introducing solids

you want guidance but not rigid structure

you have a teenager

you can make some simple changes

It's probably       for you if...

you're not keen to listen to me talk



It's probably
for you if...

It’s a full-on love hate relationship.

First things first, I’m Jade. And, while I love nutrition, I hate that the industry is full of misleading so-called ‘wellness’. That’s why I’m here. To bring you personalised nutritional guidance backed by science and the latest research.


my story..

Jade is very professional and easy to communicate with. I really liked the way she listened carefully to my concerns and came up with solutions regarding to my health issues that were practical and easy to implement.

"Practical and easy
to implement "

— judy

Jade is amazing! Not only does she provide delicious recipes for me, she even finds products suitable for me found specifically in shops where I regularly buy. She takes out all the hard work of knowing what to eat, when to eat to optimise my nutrition.

— shannae

"She takes out all the hard work of knowing what to eat"

The place and Jade is really welcoming. She definitely provides practical and realistic advice and support. I'm glad and happy to found her.

"Practical, realistic advice and support"

— natalie

Take your family meals from chaos to calm and confident.

I can't guarantee that your kids won't throw food at the wall, but I can help equip you with ideas to set the right environment to allow your kids to eat. And give yourself the confidence you've offered them the right foods.

10% of this course sale is donated to help children with childhood apraxia of speech.

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder that makes it hard for children to speak. These children know what they want to say but they have difficulty learning or carrying out the complex sequenced movements necessary for speech. You can read more about the work of Apraxia Kids here.

donated to
apraxia kids


You want meal times to feel easier and less burden on yourself..

So let's get  you started!

Is this course for my kids if I'm still introducing solids?

Unfortunately not. This course if designed to be for children over the age of 1 who have mostly been through the introduction phase of food and are eating primarily solids. I feel there's a lot of support in this area already, and less support as children are over 1 and start to assert their independence, which is why I created this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your recipes appropriate for school or child care?

Yes, the lunchbox recipes provided are all nut-free with schools and child care centres in mind. However, not all other recipes in the course are nut-free so please be mindful of this if choosing a recipe from another collection. 

I'm a grandparent. Can I do this course?

Yes, grandparents are the best! If you're regualrly feeding a child, then you can benefit from this course. Did you know grandparents are a huge role model for kids eating behaviour and body image? You are so crucial in their lives!

What about if I have a kid who is over 5 years of age?

Although the content of this course if focused on the younger age group, most of the themes will apply for older kids. For example, if you have a child who it 6-8 years of age, you will definitely benefit from this course, however some content may not apply, like seating. If you have a teenager - then this course isn't for you.

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