So many clients I’m seeing are distressed because they’ve restricted eating and still gaining weight. There are SO many factors that contribute to changes in weight. As a nutritionist for weight loss, trust me when I tell you - the amount you eat is only one factor in weight loss, among many.⁠

You're tired, time poor and want solutions that work.

Bachelor Health Science, Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

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Weighing in Lighter


The 10 week group coaching program designed to be the last thing you 'sign up' for to lose weight. We meet for 1 hour each week  where I guide you through the fundamentals to set habits that will maintain your weight - for the rest of your life. 

Things stopping you from losing weight..

what you eat, how much you eat & the time you eat

hormonal changes & menopause

medications, illness & injuries

stress, physical activity & other lifestyle choices

genetic & prenatal factors

sleep quality & quantity

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Your journey to a healthy weight starts with my supportive group program where I help you implement the small changes that will make the biggest impact in your life.


Current insurers providing rebates for a Nutritionist:
AAMI, AHM, APIA Insurance, Australian Unity CUA Health, GU Health, HBF, Latrobe Health Services, Medibank, Mildura Health Fund, NIB, Phoenix Health Fund, Qantas Health Insurance, St Lukes Health, Suncorp, Westfund Health Insurance

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Your private health fund may cover some of your Nutrition consults

What does this mean for you?

They can prescribe high-quality nutritional supplements



5 THINGS you need to know about seeing a NUTRITIONIST:

Laboratory testing is used to indicate imbalances or dysfunction


A Nutritionist uses current scientific evidence for recommendations. 


A clinical Nutritionist has completed a 3 year university level degree.







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Weight loss resources

Take Better Photos Without a Fancy Camera

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It’s a full-on love hate relationship.

First things first, I’m Jade. And, while I love nutrition, I hate that the industry is full of misleading so-called ‘wellness’. That’s why I’m here. To bring you personalised nutritional guidance backed by science and the latest research.


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You can stay home and we’ll meet online, or you can come to Leederville in Perth for a face-to-face consultation. You’ll be sent a questionnaire before the appointment, so I’ll know you a little bit before we meet.

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