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Uncover the nutritional needs of 100 different women, and you’ll likely get 100 different diet plans. And they’re rarely life-altering, never-order-off-the-menu-again plans. 

Nutrition backed by real knowledge.

I’m a qualified, registered clinical nutritionist in Perth. That means that everything I do is evidence-based and backed by research. Whether we work together, or you choose a different path, always remember that your body is not something to gamble with.

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Are you struggling to lose weight on your own?

Designed to be the last time you 'sign up' for something to lose weight. We meet weekly over 10 weeks where I guide you through the fundamentals to set habits that will maintain your weight - for the rest of your life. 

group coaching starts april 2024


I work with...

WOMEN's health &
hormonal issues

children's nutrition &
fussy eaters

weight maintenance 

chronic, unresolved 
Gut issues 

irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) & inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 

sports nutrition & optimising performance

Yes, book me in!

Your journey to a healthy weight starts with my supportive group program where I help you implement the small changes that will make the biggest impact in your life.


It all starts with a few key questions: What are you experiencing? How do you want to feel better? What changes can you confidently maintain? Customised meal plans, dietary changes, and/or high-quality supplementation may be on the table. This is all about you (or perhaps a ‘fussy’ little eater) and a whole lot of research.

Let's talk services.

what does a nutritionist in perth do?

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Are your kids making meal times a battle?

Happy Little Eaters is a self-paced course that gives you simple, practical advice on what to feed your kids and little tricks to made meal times easier, calmer and less crazy! Ideal for kids aged 1-5 years who like to assert their independence.

a self-paced online kids course

only $49

happy little eaters

are you ready to know what to DO AND say WHEN YOU'RE TOLD 'I'M HUNGRY' BEFORE DINNER?

It’s a full-on love hate relationship.

First things first, I’m Jade. And, while I love nutrition, I hate that the industry is full of misleading so-called ‘wellness’. That’s why I’m here. To bring you personalised nutritional guidance backed by science and the latest research.


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You can stay home and we’ll meet online, or you can come to Leederville in Perth for a face-to-face consultation. You’ll be sent a questionnaire before the appointment, so I’ll know you a little bit before we meet.